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Field surveys

photo by Richard Haaker

GPS-based field surveys

AQ Safety was established in 1996 to provide workplace safety & health consulting services. These include respirator training and fit testing, occupational health consulting, and identification and characterization of environmental hazards.

AQS can help you determine what needs to be done to assure compliance with OSHA regulations, and can develop compliance plans geared to your workplace. Our analyst is qualified to evaluate measurement and occupational exposure data, and do risk assessments. Validation of previously-collected analytical data, based on MARLAP criteria, is another AQ Safety capability.

Whether it's nuisance dust, air contaminants, hazardous chemicals, or noise, AQ Safety is able to devise monitoring strategies, analyze data, and recommend how to reduce or eliminate the hazards.

Some of AQ Safety's respirators

photo by Cheryl Haaker

Some of AQ Safety's respirators

AQ Safety is a small New Mexico woman-owned business based in Albuquerque and providing multi-state services. Staff include a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), Richard Haaker, who has 40 years experience working with government and industry.